2X Marketing: Unjust Dismissal and Ethical Malpractices Exposed


Unjust Dismissal and Ethical Malpractices Exposed in Prestigious Marketing Agency

July 11, 2023

In an event that has shone a light on the dark corners of workplace discrimination and unethical practices, a prominent Malaysian marketing agency, 2X Marketing, is being called into question over the unjust dismissal of an employee based on personal religious activities.

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The employee, known by his online persona as “The Muslim Apologist,” hosts a popular YouTube channel centred around discussions on Islamic principles and values. His content, bound by YouTube’s Community Guidelines that explicitly stand against racism and religious bigotry, has garnered considerable attention, mostly positive, since its establishment in 2020.

Despite his YouTube activities predating his employment with 2X Marketing, the agency seemingly disregarded the autonomy between his professional and personal life. He alleges that the agency unjustly dismissed him, making unfounded accusations under the guise of failing a “background check.”

“It is my fundamental right to express my religious beliefs outside of the workplace,” says The Muslim Apologist.”When I represent myself as The Muslim Apologist, I do so not as a Malaysian bounded by the agency’s skewed interpretation of ‘values,’ but as a Muslim. The attempts by the agency to misconstrue my identity, as well as their efforts to act as the judge, jury, and executioner, have only reflected their own biased and discriminatory practices.”

The situation escalated when 2X Marketing presented a deleted self-addressed test email as evidence during the Industrial Relations Department mediation process. A move The Muslim Apologist refers to as “humorous,” reflecting the agency’s desperate attempt to validate their wrongful decision.

In a triumphant victory for The Muslim Apologist and a poignant lesson on the sanctity of workers’ rights, the mediation resulted in 2X Marketing being ordered to pay MYR 8500 as ex gratia payment for violating the employment contract unlawfully.

The Muslim Apologist stated, “It is I who has the last laugh. Their baseless allegations, biased assumptions, and unjust practices have been brought to light. If they believe they can uphold their false pretences, I challenge them to take me to civil court. Any rational judge would recognize the erroneousness of their decision.”

Despite the ordeal, The Muslim Apologist remains steadfast, vowing to continue using his platform to speak against the agency’s unethical practices. His courage serves as a beacon of hope for other potential victims of workplace discrimination and ethical misconduct.

“I will continue to expose their fraudulent way of doing business and ensure nobody else becomes a victim of their unjust practices,” he affirms.

In a world that is increasingly conscious of workplace rights and ethics, this case serves as a stark reminder that unjust terminations and prejudiced practices have no place within a fair and just society. It is the hope of The Muslim Apologist, and indeed all who value human rights, that such incidents serve to reinforce the necessity for businesses to uphold ethics and integrity in their operations.

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