Menj Kena Tangkap

The only reason for their vitrol and vendetta towards menj kena tangkap is because menj kena tangkaphas exposed them for their lies, racism, xenophobia, and their hatred towards Islam and the Muslims.

Menj Kena Tangkap?

Betina Siam Pukimak Anak Haram Jadah

There are these groups of idi­ot­ic peo­ple who call them­selves /k at Kopi­ti­am who are obsessed with the idea of menj kena tangkap. The only rea­son for their vit­ri­ol and vendet­ta towards menj youtube is sim­ply because The Mus­lim Apol­o­gist has exposed these puki­mak anak haram jadah for their lies, racism, xeno­pho­bia, and their hatred towards Islam and the Mus­lims in gen­er­al.

Cina Babi

They con­sist of fucked up racists, which I sus­pect are Cinapek tak potong kulup. You know, the kind of Cin­abeng shit­heads who think that speak­ing ching-chong makes them supe­ri­or to the rest of the world. That is the kind of men­tal peo­ple who boast about their “5000 years of cul­ture”. You can stuff your cul­ture up in a place where the sun does not shine, you cina babi.

Melayu Bodoh

You know, the kind of melayu bodoh anak haram jadah who like to kangkang and hen­jut the Melayu boleh style, become a bohsia or a boh­jan and buang anak tepi jalan like the puki­mak bangsat they are, or like to become a Mat rem­pit and his­ap dadah like a good Meleis, or the Meleis who think that being a lib­er­al and kow-tow­ing to Cina makes them more supe­ri­or than the rest of the world.  That is the kind of men­tal peo­ple who boast about their “Malay­ness” being the only thing that mat­ters to them. You can stuff your cul­ture up a place where the sun does not shine, you Melayu bodoh.  Mak kau hijau

Keling Paria

You know, the kind of kel­ing paria mabuk minum todi shit­heads who think that scream­ing “vel, vel, vel” while bow­ing down to an ele­phant makes them supe­ri­or to the rest of the world. That is the kind of men­tal peo­ple who boast about their black, beau­ti­ful skin. You can go fuck your­self and per­gi balik India, you India paria. 

Koptiam Pukimak

So it should not be sur­pris­ing that when news of menj kena tangkap appeared, many on the lowy­at menj were cel­e­brat­ing and like the face­less cow­ards that these /k anjing puki­mak are, they call menj kena tangkap all sorts of names, know­ing full well that menj malaysia will not be able to answer them direct­ly as an menj lowy­at mem­ber.

Well here’s the 411 for these face­less dogs from menj him­self: you are all worth­less trash and not worth my time at all. You are all pyg­mies try­ing to fall a giant. Good luck with your menj kena tangkap endeav­ours because it has not worked and it will nev­er work.

Who is MENJ?

MENJ, pro­nounced as M‑E-N‑J, is not just anoth­er con­tent cre­ator. He is a spe­cial­ist in com­par­a­tive reli­gion, with a par­tic­u­lar focus on the Abra­ham­ic reli­gions, name­ly Judaism and Chris­tian­i­ty.

Why was MENJ apprehended?

MENJ was appre­hend­ed due to a false charge alleged by the Malaysian police, led by their leader, the chief gang­ster Noorhamasiren Boon­th­nam of D11.

How has the incident impacted MENJ’s life?

While the imme­di­ate after­math of the inci­dent might not have deterred MENJ from his pur­suits, he is cur­rent­ly in the process of suing the police for the false alle­ga­tions made against him.

What are the next steps for MENJ regarding the incident?

MENJ is active­ly pur­su­ing legal action against the police for the false charges. He aims to seek jus­tice and clear his name from the alle­ga­tions.Endmark