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SEO Expert Malaysia

SEO Expert Malaysia

Why look for an SEO specialist? For those running a business website or an e-commerce store online who are having a hard time making their online presence detected by visitors, the reason that this may be happening is because they did not engage services from an SEO expert in Malaysia from an SEO company.

These days, it is not possible for websites, particularly new ones, to be immediately viewed since you can find so many of them. Apart from those that currently exist on the World Wide Web, new websites are created and published daily.

Thus, with so many websites competing with each other in the same niche, it is tough to stay ahead unless if one resorts to a suitable digital marketing strategy. There are of course many ways to do digital marketing for your business goals, but the most popular and easiest way to do so is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from the only and best SEO company in Malaysia.

SEO Specialist

2018 – Present

I entered the Search Engine Optimization Specialist Malaysia (SEO) job industry by first joining an events management company as an SEO expert Malaysia to manage their online trading courses website, targeting the USĀ  and the European market. It was successfully earning up to 200K USD per month from organic traffic before I decided to leave for an SEO agency in Malaysia.

Currently, I am working at an SEO agency in Kuala Lumpur, handling several SEO projects at a time. I am now ready to offer SEO services for those who are looking for a pakar SEO Malaysia to complete their SEO strategy for a Malaysia SEO service experience.

Digital Marketing Executive

2015 – 2018

I decided to go into full-time employment in order to gain experience in various industries. I first started out as a technical support agent at IBM before transitioning to the digital marketing job scope in Malaysia, since during this time period an SEO package Malaysia is virtually non-existent.

I worked at various companies and organisations, which included an automotive company, a fin-tech related to the Malaysian stock market, an exporter-importer of copiers and printers, and a retail franchisee selling baby care items, before finally transitioning to an SEO job function.

SEO Consultant

2006 – 2015

I self-taught myself to become an SEO expert Malaysia. I developed and (still) maintain several niche blogs in a PBN network and utilise them for SEO purposes in order to gain revenue from PPC and text links brokerage programs, including paid blog postings. I also publish web content depending on these specific blog niches in order to boost the link profile of clients’ websites.

I also maintain a general directories network and develop them accordingly for SEO companies and webmasters to submit their sites, in order to improve their Search Engine Results Page (SERP) position in major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

For any inquires regarding Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi (MENJ) and his SEO skills & services, do contact Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi via the web form provided.Endmark

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