SEO Skills Resume

Having the necessary SEO skills is very important for me as an SEO Specialist. I work almost all of the time with WordPress and have basic knowledge of HTML & CSS. This is important because I need to implement technical SEO fixes and help optimise a webpage.

In addition to my strong keywords research experience (due to my near-native command of English and Bahasa Melayu), I am also able to perform on-page optimisation for your webpage. I am also very familiar with off-page optimization and have the ability to procure or create backlinks to your website or webpage in order to “boost” the signal to Google that your site has a higher authority than your competitors.

SEO Skills Courses

Some online SEO courses which I took in order to reaffirm and certify my innate SEO knowledge and experience:

seo specialist malaysia seo fundamentals course semrush seo skills resume
SEMRush Academy
seo specialist malaysia seo academy certificate reliablesoft seo skills resume
Reliablesoft SEO Academy
seo specialist malaysia udemy seo bootcamp certificate seo skills resume
Udemy SEO Bootcamp
Google Analytics for Beginners certificate seo skills resume
Google Analytics Academy

For any inquires regarding Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi (MENJ) and his SEO skills & services, do contact Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi via the web form provided.

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